Monday, April 30, 2012

what a long time!

Posted by pInKy LoVeR at 7:25 PM 2 comments
morning dearest! its already 5 month ago!
let start with a memorable experience for this year!
program hubungan etnik at Kuching,Sarawak
we fly over the sea!yeahhh... 
finally we make it happen! xctually its our last minute program! 
but alhamdullilah we make it!
lets preview the memory!
breakfst dlu!
while waiting for the flight!
in flight!already at sarawak!yeahhh!
1st day:what a hot day at Serikin!sape2 giler shopping baik dtg snie!

muzium sarawak!amatlah besar!quite bored..huhu

2nd day at Cultural village!wjib pg kalau smpai sarawak!
enjoice with the prfrmnce! move to Dayang Salhah Kek Lapis..!
last day!thnx to all the JPP...

the person who makes this trip comes true!

tgk orang utan! a fews hour b4 depart!

 pasar satok!wajib pegi tau!

a memory at Tugu!wjib datang snie n snap pic!

last with the bIG boss! org besar Program!
 thanx for makes it!
 boss!next program?

xtau nk letak pic mne!
byk sgt!...hoho

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